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Optimized loading speed without impacting the appearance or functionality


When Google first launched Core Web Vitals, a series of metrics that they consider when ranking pages, Comport's website was in need of a critical eye at the code level. Looking to improve its Core Web Vitals score, Comport partnered with hga皇冠 to examine the codebase of the site and optimize the loading speeds without impacting the appearance or functionality.

Discovery + Analysis

As a website grows over time, it can end up with code and plugins that are redundant or even unused, which can impact download speeds, time to first view, and other metrics that determine SEO rankings. hga皇冠 identified redundant code, removed plugins, and optimized code and images to improve overall performance.

Improvement in Blocking Time (Down to 10MS)
Improvement in Time to Interactive (Down to 2.2 Sec)
Improvement in Speed Index (Down to 1.7 Sec)

Strategies + Tactics

Once we had completed our discovery and looked at the performance metrics for the site, our strategy was to focus on the optimization of the site to reduce the amount of data transferred for a page view. To that end, we planned to:

  • Remove unused and unnecessary plugins from the CMS
  • Streamline the CSS
  • Remove redundant or duplicate JavaScript code
  • Minify and optimize code
  • Optimize images to reduce file size (without compromising quality)



Results + Measurements

Upon completion of the program, we noted the following improvements to the site:

Google Pagespeed Insights

  • Speed index went from 10.2 seconds down to 1.7 seconds
  • Time to interactive went from 40.8 seconds to 2.2 seconds
  • Blocking time went from 1310 milliseconds down to 10 milliseconds


  • Page size reduced from 8.9 megabytes to 1.6 megabytes
  • Number of HTTP requests reduced from 253 to 104
  • Performance grade improved from a D (66) to a C (72)

These changes resulted in a doubling of the Core Web Vitals, clearing the path for increased ranking in search engines, increasing Comport’s visibility in Google search results, and driving additional web traffic.

As an established company with a savvy team, Comport collaborated with hga皇冠 to implement new best practices. No matter what your company’s marketing maturity is, hga皇冠 can work with you and your team to make strategic improvements and optimizations. Not sure where to start? Request a complimentary Digital Marketing Gap Audit today and we’ll analyze your current digital activities and make recommendations.